Welcome to Shib Sagar Public School

a co-educational English Medium school


The management believes that its academic staff is its most valued resources, hence the school has appointed highly qualified competent experienced and dedicated professionals in the field of education. They all are well-versed in English .and have profundity in their own subject.


Nowadays parents play a vital role in the all-round development of the students. Keeping this in mind, the school maintains close contact with them and organizes parents Teacher Meet at least twice in an academic year.


The school has enough scope for co-curricular activities. Physical education and Yoga are compulsory for building the health of the students.

  • OUTDOR GAMES:: Football, Cricket, Basket Ball, Khoko etc.
  • INDOOR GAME:: Carom, Ludo, Chess, Table tennis etc.
  • CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT:: Art & drawing, music, dance etc.


It is called that a library is the store house of knowledge. Considering this view, the school feels proud of its library as there is a rich library consisting of various kinds of books and encyclopaedia, magazines, periodicals and newspaper for enhancement of knowledge of the students.


  • SCIENCE LAB:: Whatever is taught theoretically in science class the students have a scope for practical in laboratory. The school has provided a well equipped composite science Lab. (Physics, Biology & Chemistry).
  • MATH LAB:: The school has also a Math Lab where the students can learn Maths practically in joyful way.
  • COMPUTER LAB:: The school has arranged a Computer Lab with Broad Band connection to provide advance education as it is rightly called without the knowledge of computer modern scientific education is incomplete.


The school has well ventilated class room equipped with digital equipment like smart board, projector and sound system. Latest software for CBSE syllabus is hired from the leading educational IT Company.


The school strictly follows examination procedure of CBSE .One academic year is divided into two equal halves, one half (first six months) Mid Term Exam. next half (six months) Final Term Exam. in between two every term PA1 and PA2 Exam is conducted. Beside this monthly and weekly Test are given.


In case of leaving the school/taking transfer a clear one month advance written representation is to be submitted to the Principal. Transfer certificate will be issued after clearing up all arrears, if any.


The school arranges transport facility for the students at a reasonable charge. The guardians who are willing to take school transport facility for their wards, should contact the Transport Manager in the office to maintain necessary formalities prescribed by the school.


House system is a special feature of a good public school .To develop healthy competitive and leadership quality among students, the entire school is divided into four Houses namely Green House, Red House, Yellow House and Blue House.


The school organizes at least twice in a year health check up camp for physical growth and development of the student.

Shib Sagar Public School

Shib Sagar public school, a co-educational English Medium school, situated at the lap of nature, at Albandha, Kopai ,Birbhum, a few kilometres away from Santiniketan, a holy place of education and culture of Gurudeva. It is run, managed and financed by A. S. S. Charitable Society.

Pin Code: 731204