Welcome to Shib Sagar Public School

a co-educational English Medium school


A good School provides an opportunity for its students to develop their educational moral and spiritual values with the help of able and efficient teachers. Even a good school also changes the budding minds of the students to face relevant trends and data for the challenge of their lives.

Shib Sagar Public School is a kind of institution where a student grows and learns with a smile. Speaking truly, in the school premises a student can breathe a natural breath for a student's all round development because the urban hazards remain untouched as the school is situated in a green lash of land. The Management and the teachers have the capacity to make themselves updated with the global changing scenario especially in the field of education. Such kind of potentiality and capacity are basically needed for smooth functioning of the school. It is not a day dream that Shib Sagar Public School will be the pride of the vicinity and in the district at the same time.

Shib Sagar Public School

Shib Sagar public school, a co-educational English Medium school, situated at the lap of nature, at Albandha, Kopai ,Birbhum, a few kilometres away from Santiniketan, a holy place of education and culture of Gurudeva. It is run, managed and financed by A. S. S. Charitable Society.

Pin Code: 731204